five hundred memories more / by Laura Haun

The vines wove tight, winding around anything within reach, stretching across objects that were once full of life, growing with continuity, creating a near impossible interaction. Stories on repeat, memories encircling, and future remembrances were ringing in the air.

There was a legacy that lied behind the thick, life-restricting creepers. That which I once swung on as a dreaming child now stood between myself and memories of my grandfather.

Memories that live are echoes, but there are new memories waiting to be made in the realm of the unknown that lies behind the vines. Will the stark blue remain evident, will there be a lively body that has been protected by the weeds? Will more memories develop from the devastating loss?

Standing with an anxious heart, have the creepers prevented destruction or have they drawn life from that which holds value?

The hands of the face spun, only to find decomposition in numerous forms. The red and brown covered the stark blue that glistened as it rolled off of the show room floor. The leather that once whispered a special luxury was home to another realm.

Learning from the abandonment, the Galaxie will return, and this time remain, to infinity and beyond.

Time is precious, memories will last a lifetime and beyond, legacies can come and go.

Learn. Live. Develop legacies. Create memories. Never forget what is worth remembering.