compliments / by Laura Haun

I was once told that it is important to spend time with people who are nothing like yourself. Draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Know what you love, know what you’re describing, and know when to learn something completely new. Escape every day to another realm, understanding that repetition is allowed intermission.

My repetitive day had come. My escape to another realm reached across as far as I could see. Timing is particular. We have schedules for ease of mind, but when it becomes the boa that is constricting your breathing, let go.

Inspiration flooded me as I dropped the clock, drove away, and resided in the mind of an entrepreneur for as long as I was permitted.

Questions flood the path that is clear, but is covered by the smoothest of answers that rescue the drowning. As if presented with a mountain and told to climb it with ease, having the determination and ability to do so is present. A new empathy is created in the relationship that thrives in the environment that is now at ease, confidence, and prepped for revival of spirit.

Expand your horizons, gain understanding, forget the clock, but most importantly, draw inspiration from the sources no one would expect.