Beauty lies in the unique, in the classic, in the bold, and in that which is in mere development. Beauty is something that all can relate to, regardless of backgrounds. Culture is powerful and unique; its strengths are unveiled when differences are introduced to new realms. When cultures interact, possibilities begin to emerge. One can learn from a culture and carry it with them into their own philosophies.

I am a work in progress, learning new every day, with every moment, with something captivating around every corner. Joy is found in the minute, in the magnificent, in the shaded, in the unknown, and in the transparently beautiful. There is an unknown that lies abroad, in the places I have yet to see and interact with, and in the cultures that know more than I and have yet to learn what I have.

My passion is architecture, that which we live our lives in and around. It has the ability to shape and create a mood. Moods are set and changed in regards to our surroundings. My aspiration is to create beauty in structure and its surroundings, design functional spaces, and have an eye and great appreciation for the minute details and bigger picture. I wish to use my knowledge for the greater good and influence others, making a difference along the way.

With a small taste of abroad travel, there is an overwhelming longing that continues to flourish within me to return and continue to learn and be inspired. My passion began many years ago, and it was powerfully ignited into a burning flame the first chance I received to visit abroad for a short period. To walk among the historical structures that were shaped by culture and in turn, continued to shape culture, impacting the surrounding areas and nations from far and wide; to experience the influential notions that are still in use today in engineering principles and design values, were feelings that were so overwhelming that it lies within me to this moment.

Envisioning the footprint of a structure is key. Understanding the structure and where the strength is held and focused is essential. The materiality is not always considered from the beginning of the structural journey.  The location is prime. Does the location influence the shape? Does it influence the structure? Does it influence the color or the materiality?

As I stand in the mountains I ask how can these views be optimized? I have decided the views will help form the footprint of my structure. Where am I geographically and how is its culture impacting or can it be impacted? My design begins. Contextually, the information I find around will build the walls, create the supports, and designate my bearings. History and engineering novels will emerge as the envelope of the structure is formed. Spaces will tell a story of the area and the impacts in which it has had. The spaces will become a place, a place that one day, too will tell a story. It will tell a story of cultures, intermingled ideologies, engineering revolutions and technological advancements meeting and interacting with medieval and primitive times and structural stories.

Envision the beauty that will emerge from the understanding of cultures and interaction with existing knowledge. Foresee the exquisiteness of the precisely placed footprint, wrapped with linings of historical reference and interrelated with the developing technological advancements from near and far. The space will become a place of influenced beauty and culture. There is an aspiring beauty in wise cultures that can impact not only the immediate, but the subsequent.