the element within its realm / by Laura Haun

The element within its realm, that holds its own, in morphing as a liquid-solid, acts as a provider into the surroundings.

Coming to understand mercury is an art. A term possessing multiple identities, varying personalities, and diverse labels, it is one with a morphing quality.

Mercury as an automobile possesses a collective imagery in its own, symbolic of transportation and provision. A classic Mercury automotive has a unique shape of its own, with an iconic, recognizable chassis. From 1985-1988 familiar as “the shape you want to be in.”

Mercury as a god, is recognizable as a Roman god of messages and communication. Mercury identifiable as a deliverer of commerce and financial gain, with a beauty abounding in eloquence and poetry.

Mercury as an element holds its own in an unusual character that embraces mystery and solidarity even in its liquid state. It upholds a reflective quality that tends to have a sense of projection of what is there.

Mercury as a planet is first recognizable of size or shape. Unfamiliarity in the unknown qualities spread throughout the distances.

Creating a house for the messenger, the Mercury, may be one that reflects the ideals of the multiple meanings, a house that projects the overall purpose in provision and communication, delivering what is found in the mysteries surroundings, interpreting elements of the past and present and future. The house is to stand as “the shape you want to be in” while also remaining as a piece of history looking towards the new.