the artistic reference / by Laura Haun

Memories woven into the fibers that abound, beauty in colors, exquisiteness in chiaroscuro, the details in the simplicity, and the obvious in the complicated. Stories flow from pages, from the rush of the river, from the breeze in the wind, from the acrylic on the canvas, from the oil on the wood, and from that which abides in front of us.

The buildings that surround us tell a story. Listen carefully as the lyrics pour before you. The implication may be found in the simplistic structure or the details in the complex location. The joint between the establishment and the condition in which it is presented may be humble, yet ensures a deeper connection with what previously resides.

Persistence: the continued or prolonged existence of something.

Repetition and persistence continues within the parallelism in the structural being; the field of continuity spreads across the assembly as words stream across a page.

The artistic references tell a story with great beauty, great honor, and great meaning.

Architecture has a style and rhythm; it holds an elevated meaning, and an intense interpretation.

Architecture is poetry.

"If you're lucky, and a building succeeds, the real product has many more dimensions than you can ever imagine..."              Peter Zumthor