A Childlike Mentality / by Laura Haun

A child inquires about a lavish amount of the world’s wonders, glimmering at the indication of how something may function. There is an innocence about their minds that shapes their reaction. Their perception has not yet been shaped and is exposed to take whichever turn it would like, without a preceding influence.

Right and wrong is understood for the essentials, but the details of life are new to interpretation.

As the fire blazes and the horizon grows, it has a glow and is an appealing venture, yet those who have touched the intensity know otherwise.

The mentality of a child is joyous. It is a constant state of awe and appreciation. There is a belief that is present and a faith that is abundant in what is in front of them.

As the rocks skipped the water, I humbled myself to the position of a child. I was in awe. How did the rock skim so smoothly across that which I sink? How did the ripples in the waves not effect the motion? Why is the sun so bright and how does it create shadows that appear so stark?

To humble oneself to a child-like approach it revives the experience to something original and new.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Dr. Seuss

As a child, multiple questions are asked, the answer may be simple, but the situation of a new experience and remembrance of the moment is what makes the moment beautiful.

Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Dr. Seuss