caught by the sparkle of the rain on the ground / by Laura Haun

I share the name of a woman addressed by a 14th century Italian poet, I’m a work in progress, learning new every day, with every moment, with something captivating around every corner. Joy is found in the minute, in the magnificent, in the shaded, in the unknown, and in the transparently beautiful.

I find peace in the miracles that abound. I smile at the trees in the summer and sparkle at the flowers in the spring. My heart rushes with the current of water and delights in the reflections of contrasting lights.  

I live where the strawberry fields once thrived, where bridges were burned, and men have fallen. I live where there is a rich history of war, and a culture that is now at peace. The wind blows, the river flows with great force, and there is a gathering on the shoals frequently. It is a small world from corner to corner, yet the grains of sand are many, and I am one. 

I have a desire to experience new cultures, eat new foods, and travel well. My heart lifts as the planes prepare for flight.

Having my fair share of trials, I endure forward, knowing I am not alone, and I’m on a beautiful journey with the opportunity to leave footprints in the sand.


flourish - prosper - grow