Beauty lies in the unique, in the classic, in the bold, and in that which is in mere development. Beauty is something that all can relate to, regardless of backgrounds. Culture is powerful and unique; its strengths are unveiled when differences are introduced to new realms. When cultures interact, possibilities begin to emerge. One can learn from a culture and carry it with them into their own philosophies.

I am a work in progress, learning new every day, with every moment, with something captivating around every corner. Joy is found in the minute, in the magnificent, in the shaded, in the unknown, and in the transparently beautiful. There is an unknown that lies abroad, in the places I have yet to see and interact with, and in the cultures that know more than I and have yet to learn what I have.

My passion is architecture, that which we live our lives in and around. It has the ability to shape and create a mood. Moods are set and changed in regards to our surroundings. My aspiration is to create beauty in structure and its surroundings, design functional spaces, and have an eye and great appreciation for the minute details and bigger picture. I wish to use my knowledge for the greater good and influence others, making a difference along the way.

With a small taste of abroad travel, there is an overwhelming longing that continues to flourish within me to return and continue to learn and be inspired. My passion began many years ago, and it was powerfully ignited into a burning flame the first chance I received to visit abroad for a short period. To walk among the historical structures that were shaped by culture and in turn, continued to shape culture, impacting the surrounding areas and nations from far and wide; to experience the influential notions that are still in use today in engineering principles and design values, were feelings that were so overwhelming that it lies within me to this moment.

Envisioning the footprint of a structure is key. Understanding the structure and where the strength is held and focused is essential. The materiality is not always considered from the beginning of the structural journey.  The location is prime. Does the location influence the shape? Does it influence the structure? Does it influence the color or the materiality?

As I stand in the mountains I ask how can these views be optimized? I have decided the views will help form the footprint of my structure. Where am I geographically and how is its culture impacting or can it be impacted? My design begins. Contextually, the information I find around will build the walls, create the supports, and designate my bearings. History and engineering novels will emerge as the envelope of the structure is formed. Spaces will tell a story of the area and the impacts in which it has had. The spaces will become a place, a place that one day, too will tell a story. It will tell a story of cultures, intermingled ideologies, engineering revolutions and technological advancements meeting and interacting with medieval and primitive times and structural stories.

Envision the beauty that will emerge from the understanding of cultures and interaction with existing knowledge. Foresee the exquisiteness of the precisely placed footprint, wrapped with linings of historical reference and interrelated with the developing technological advancements from near and far. The space will become a place of influenced beauty and culture. There is an aspiring beauty in wise cultures that can impact not only the immediate, but the subsequent.

five hundred memories more by Laura Haun

The vines wove tight, winding around anything within reach, stretching across objects that were once full of life, growing with continuity, creating a near impossible interaction. Stories on repeat, memories encircling, and future remembrances were ringing in the air.

There was a legacy that lied behind the thick, life-restricting creepers. That which I once swung on as a dreaming child now stood between myself and memories of my grandfather.

Memories that live are echoes, but there are new memories waiting to be made in the realm of the unknown that lies behind the vines. Will the stark blue remain evident, will there be a lively body that has been protected by the weeds? Will more memories develop from the devastating loss?

Standing with an anxious heart, have the creepers prevented destruction or have they drawn life from that which holds value?

The hands of the face spun, only to find decomposition in numerous forms. The red and brown covered the stark blue that glistened as it rolled off of the show room floor. The leather that once whispered a special luxury was home to another realm.

Learning from the abandonment, the Galaxie will return, and this time remain, to infinity and beyond.

Time is precious, memories will last a lifetime and beyond, legacies can come and go.

Learn. Live. Develop legacies. Create memories. Never forget what is worth remembering.

compliments by Laura Haun

I was once told that it is important to spend time with people who are nothing like yourself. Draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Know what you love, know what you’re describing, and know when to learn something completely new. Escape every day to another realm, understanding that repetition is allowed intermission.

My repetitive day had come. My escape to another realm reached across as far as I could see. Timing is particular. We have schedules for ease of mind, but when it becomes the boa that is constricting your breathing, let go.

Inspiration flooded me as I dropped the clock, drove away, and resided in the mind of an entrepreneur for as long as I was permitted.

Questions flood the path that is clear, but is covered by the smoothest of answers that rescue the drowning. As if presented with a mountain and told to climb it with ease, having the determination and ability to do so is present. A new empathy is created in the relationship that thrives in the environment that is now at ease, confidence, and prepped for revival of spirit.

Expand your horizons, gain understanding, forget the clock, but most importantly, draw inspiration from the sources no one would expect.

Depth by Laura Haun

the artistic reference by Laura Haun

Memories woven into the fibers that abound, beauty in colors, exquisiteness in chiaroscuro, the details in the simplicity, and the obvious in the complicated. Stories flow from pages, from the rush of the river, from the breeze in the wind, from the acrylic on the canvas, from the oil on the wood, and from that which abides in front of us.

The buildings that surround us tell a story. Listen carefully as the lyrics pour before you. The implication may be found in the simplistic structure or the details in the complex location. The joint between the establishment and the condition in which it is presented may be humble, yet ensures a deeper connection with what previously resides.

Persistence: the continued or prolonged existence of something.

Repetition and persistence continues within the parallelism in the structural being; the field of continuity spreads across the assembly as words stream across a page.

The artistic references tell a story with great beauty, great honor, and great meaning.

Architecture has a style and rhythm; it holds an elevated meaning, and an intense interpretation.

Architecture is poetry.

"If you're lucky, and a building succeeds, the real product has many more dimensions than you can ever imagine..."              Peter Zumthor



the element within its realm by Laura Haun

The element within its realm, that holds its own, in morphing as a liquid-solid, acts as a provider into the surroundings.

Coming to understand mercury is an art. A term possessing multiple identities, varying personalities, and diverse labels, it is one with a morphing quality.

Mercury as an automobile possesses a collective imagery in its own, symbolic of transportation and provision. A classic Mercury automotive has a unique shape of its own, with an iconic, recognizable chassis. From 1985-1988 familiar as “the shape you want to be in.”

Mercury as a god, is recognizable as a Roman god of messages and communication. Mercury identifiable as a deliverer of commerce and financial gain, with a beauty abounding in eloquence and poetry.

Mercury as an element holds its own in an unusual character that embraces mystery and solidarity even in its liquid state. It upholds a reflective quality that tends to have a sense of projection of what is there.

Mercury as a planet is first recognizable of size or shape. Unfamiliarity in the unknown qualities spread throughout the distances.

Creating a house for the messenger, the Mercury, may be one that reflects the ideals of the multiple meanings, a house that projects the overall purpose in provision and communication, delivering what is found in the mysteries surroundings, interpreting elements of the past and present and future. The house is to stand as “the shape you want to be in” while also remaining as a piece of history looking towards the new. 

A Childlike Mentality by Laura Haun

A child inquires about a lavish amount of the world’s wonders, glimmering at the indication of how something may function. There is an innocence about their minds that shapes their reaction. Their perception has not yet been shaped and is exposed to take whichever turn it would like, without a preceding influence.

Right and wrong is understood for the essentials, but the details of life are new to interpretation.

As the fire blazes and the horizon grows, it has a glow and is an appealing venture, yet those who have touched the intensity know otherwise.

The mentality of a child is joyous. It is a constant state of awe and appreciation. There is a belief that is present and a faith that is abundant in what is in front of them.

As the rocks skipped the water, I humbled myself to the position of a child. I was in awe. How did the rock skim so smoothly across that which I sink? How did the ripples in the waves not effect the motion? Why is the sun so bright and how does it create shadows that appear so stark?

To humble oneself to a child-like approach it revives the experience to something original and new.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Dr. Seuss

As a child, multiple questions are asked, the answer may be simple, but the situation of a new experience and remembrance of the moment is what makes the moment beautiful.

Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Dr. Seuss

contagious joy by Laura Haun

As we approached the door, the resilient aroma of coffee swirled around us as if someone were mixing it with the fresh, crisp chill of the night air. As the door swayed open we were welcomed with open arms and had the pleasure of an evening reminiscing the past and looking forward to the future.

 A white raspberry mocha was filled to the brim in my new, fresh mug. A mug I had my eyes on many times before. As the night grew longer, the café grew in grandeur, the thoughts grew deeper, and the blessings grew in magnitude. In these moments, time stopped.

 Time with the finest and greatest man I have had the pleasure of knowing. I felt like I was glistening with joy as I sat across from the table, soaking in the moments that seemed to cover the multitude of stresses from life.

 Laughter reverberated from wall to wall. It was a place we had been hundreds of times, day after day, but today, it was very different.

 Today was a day of an even greater joy, an almost overwhelming joy that I did not know was a capability.

 The night continued to progress; shots of espresso had passed through our coffee-stained teeth, sugar from the brownies was flowing through our blood, and there were smiles could not be removed from our faces.

 “What was your favorite thing to do as a child? What brought you so much joy that it became contagious?”

 “It feels like it was yesterday; the fall leaves swept behind the back tires as they hugged the corners of the road, the roar of the engine sang loud into the air, and the wind brushed against my face greatly in the seat of the Corvette for the first time.” 

This was a night that brought me so much joy that it was contagious.